Wild Rose Fish Hatchery

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The first $15.9 million phase of construction which began in 2006 and was completed in mid-2008, involved the construction of all new coldwater facilities and a new visitors center. During summer 2008, construction began on the new coolwater production facilities and will include 14 modern rearing ponds for raising pike, sturgeon, walleye and musky. Phase II is expected to reach completion in August 2009, allowing the new hatchery to start raising coolwater fish for stocking in 2010.

Project Wild Rose Fish Hatchery
General Contractor Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Architect Liesch Environmental Service, ISTHMUS Architecture, Inc and FISHPRO Consulting
Products 56,000 SF 22 GA Centria Versawall 2” thick insulated metal panels phase (I & II) 25,000 SF 22 GA Series 1300 standing seam panels (phase I), 5,000 SF 24 GA Englert B4000 flush soffit panels 45,000 SF 22 GA Firestone UC-3 standing seam panel phase (II), 6,000 SF 24 GA Firestone UC-500 Flush Soffit Panel Phase (II)
Color Cypress Olive, Slate Gray, Pebble, Galvalume
Manufacturer Centria-Metal Wall (Phase I & II)
Englert-Metal Roof (Phase I)
Firestone-Metal Roof (Phase II)
Website www.centria.com/Pages/default.aspx