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Westphal Printing built a new office/warehouse in 2008, which featured an eye-catching 5,000 SF radius Copper penny standing seam metal roof on the office portion of the building, along with a smaller version over the sign.

Project Westphal Printing
General Contractor Owner
Architect Architectural Design
Products 24 GA 12” O.C. UC-3 standing seam metal roof system
24 GA 12” O.C. UC-500 vented soffit panel system
24 GA 12” O.C. UC-500 flush wall panel system
S-5 Colorguard snow rail system
Color Classic Copper
Manufacturer Centria-Metal Wall (Phase I & II)
Englert-Metal Roof (Phase I)
Firestone-Metal Roof (Phase II)
Website www.unaclad.com/home/dspThumbs.php