In 1928, Leo J. Muza founded Muza Sheet Metal Company on 206 High Avenue in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Leo, a family man, spread his love for Muza Sheet Metal Co. and the sheet metal industry, including: heating, ventilating, and dust-collecting installations, to the good people of Oshkosh and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, time was not on Leo’s side and died a heartbreaking death. Subsequently, Leo A. Muza Jr. and his son-in- law, Aloys Schuster, stepped-up and acquired Leo J. Muza’s leadership duties at Muza Sheet Metal Co.

In 1957, Leo A. Muza Jr. and Aloys Schuster expanded Muza Sheet Metal Co. with a successful diversification strategy. Leo A. Muza Jr. and Aloys Schuster’s diversified strategy, lead the company into the “metal fabrication market”, also known as, Muza Metal Products Corporation. Throughout the next 19 years, Leo A. Muza Jr. and Aloys Schuster recognized their two business markets were advancing in different directions, in means of: production processes, market share, and business culture. Therefore in 1976, Muza Metal Products Corporation and Muza Sheet Metal Co. decided to disperse into individual businesses. The separation left Aloys Schuster president of Muza Sheet Metal Co. and Leo A. Muza Jr. president of Muza Metal Products Corporation.

In 1985, Aloys Schuster’s sons, Charles and Thomas Schuster, bought Muza Sheet Metal Co. and relieved Aloys Schuster of his presidential role. With the Schuster sons operating as a team, they decided expansion of Muza Sheet Metal Co. a significant strategy. Therefore, in 1992, Muza Sheet Metal Co. relocated to its present location at 51 W. Fernau Avenue in Oshkosh’s North Industrial Park. Along with relocating, the Schuster brothers decided to add an additional 10,000 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing space to double the company’s square footage, bringing the total to 20,000 Sq. Ft. (completed in 1997). The implementation of the expansion strategy, expanded their market share and ability to employ more employees.

18 years post-expansion of Muza Sheet Metal Co., the Schuster brothers in 2003 decided to further expand Muza Sheet Metal Co. into the “Industrial Ventilation Market” (a method of controlling worker exposure to airborne toxic chemicals or flammable vapors by exhausting contaminated air away from the work area and replacing it with clean air.) Furthermore, Chuck and Tom Schuster promoted Carven Blanck (a present employee) as a partner/owner. In 2008, Tom Schuster retired, leaving Chuck Schuster and Carven Blanck owners of Muza Sheet Metal Co.

In 2009, Sam Blanck, brother to Carven Blanck and present employee, was promoted as a partner/owner of Muza Sheet Metal Co. alongside, Carven Blanck and Chuck Schuster. Furthermore, Sam Blanck brought new dimensions to Muza Sheet Metal Co.’s “Architectural Design Department”. In 2011, Chuck Schuster sold his portion of the company to Carven and Sam Blanck entirely. Although no longer a partner, Chuck Schuster remains an active employee with Muza Sheet Metal Co., sharing his wealth of knowledge in the sheet metal industry.

Complementing the astonishing work ethic of Muza Sheet Metal Co.’s employees who motivate and inspire both Carven and Sam Blanck’s executive decision-making, “Team Muza” (all employees of Muza Sheet Metal Co.) will continue their reputation to provide exceptional customer service, and high-quality products in a safe, sustainable manner. In 2013, alongside pursuing and implementing innovative methods, the Blanck’s expanded Muza Sheet Metal Co.’s manufacturing space by purchasing and renovating a 10,000 Sq. Ft. building (Plant 32, 3200 N. Main St.) that is located kiddie-corner to the Main Plant (Plant 51, 51 W. Fernau Ave).

In 2017 Muza Sheet Metal Co. increased their production and warehousing space at Plant #32 by adding an expansion of 25,000 Sq. Ft. to the existing building. Muza Sheet Metal Co.’s manufacturing space along with incredible employees provide faster operational processes and customer response time, while continuing to ensure high-quality & affordable products through exceptional customer service for our clienteles.